Thursday, June 14, 2007

Free Will in Fruit Flies

Do humans have free will?  ...Well, we humans may not--but fruit flies apparently do.  Check out this recent discovery and the excerpt from one of the articles linked to below:

"[. . . ] In this sense, a murderer can usually be made responsible for his crimes because he only rarely would be left without alternative."

"The point here is that the people claiming that free will doesn't exist say that one day we will be able to show exactly why a murderer must necessarily have acted the way he did by looking closely at his brain. We can show that you cannot even do this in fly brains, as a matter of principle."

These results caught computer scientist and lead author Alexander Maye from the University of Hamburg by surprise: "I would have never guessed that simple flies who otherwise keep bouncing off the same window have the capacity for nonrandom spontaneity if given the chance."

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